The Best 10 Brands of Tea for Sleep This Year

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Although statistics vary depending on the study, research shows that somewhere between one-fourth and one-third of the population experiences sleep problems. That's why you need the best tea for sleep.

Pick up a newspaper or general interest magazine, and you'll frequently find articles with advice on falling asleep at night. The popularity of this topic testifies to the severity of the problem. With the current interest in the health benefits of tea drinking, many conversations about getting to sleep at night may involve opinions about the best tea for sleep.

Everyone has favorite herbs, brands, and recommendations. This article will focus on finding the right tea to get you nodding off at night quickly.

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The Best 10 Teas for Sleep

Bad Heilbrunner Schlaf und Nerven Tea (Sleep and Nerve Tea)

Imported from Germany, these tea bags use the traditional relaxation herbs of valerian root, passionflowers and lemon balm to settle nerves and induce sleep. Peppermint leaves, licorice root and chamomile flowers provide subtle flavors.


  • Fresh import from Germany
  • Use the traditional relaxation herbs
  • It has a subtle flavors


  • ban
    Not easy to find in the USA

Beantown Tea & Spices Sleep Well Tea

This loose-leaf tea boasts a simple but effective formula that earns a high rating for taste. Chamomile, peppermint, lemongrass and green rooibos also aid digestion.


  • 100% Natural. Loose leaf bedtime herbal blend.
  • Helps improve sleep quality
  • Promotes digestion
  • check-circle
    Soothing and calming herbal blend
  • check-circle
    2 ounces of loose leaf tea is about 25 servings


  • ban
    Unflavored tea

    Another loose-leaf tea, this simple organic recipe uses tulsi, passionflowers, lemon balm and cardamom to ease stress and anxiety for better sleep. Users love the great taste.


    • Organic, calming tea also perfect for stressful times, relaxing tea that taste like chai tea
    • Created by European Pharmacists
    • Anti anxiety tea


    • Made with organic herbal ingredients

    Bigelow Sweet Dreams Tea

    This tasty tea helps you unwind, so you are ready for a soothing night of pleasant dreams. The luscious formula includes chamomile flowers, hibiscus flowers, peppermint leaves, rose blossoms, spearmint leaves, spice and orange blossoms.


    • Helps you unwind
    • Pack of six boxes
    • American made tea


    • Tastes like a sprite and a ricola

    Stash Chamomile Nights Herbal Tea

    This tea, formulated with chamomile, spearmint, lotus leaves and lotus flowers, garners excellent ratings from tea drinkers for its great taste and soothing qualities.


    • Contains 100 individually foil-wrapped tea bags
    • Convenient packaging forfoodservice settings 
    • Blended in the USA, with natural ingredients from around the world


    • String comes off about 95% of the teabags

    Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Extra

    This stronger-tasting Sleepytime formula has the addition of valerian root for an extra calming effect and sleep aid. The complete ingredient list includes chamomile, tulia estrella, valerian root, spearmint, lemongrass, hawthorn and orange blossoms. Celestial Seasonings manufactures a variety of Sleepytime formulas, including original, vanilla and honey.


    • Naturally caffeine free
    • Contains no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives
    • Gluten free


    • Stringless tea bags

    CUTEA Sleepy Bear Tea

    This costly tea may help eliminate toxins, as well as provide a calm and relaxing sleep. An extensive recipe includes chamomile, saffron, licorice, ginger root, rose buds, rose hips, spearmint, lemon grass and tulsi. Most reviewers loved the taste.


    • Help eliminate toxins
    • Provide a calm and relaxing sleep
    • USA made


    • Expensive

    Yogi Tea Soothing Caramel Bedtime

    This tea's long ingredient list includes some organic herbs. The formula features organic California poppy, chamomile flowers, rooibos leaves, cinnamon bark, and ginger root, as well as stevia leaves and cardamom seeds. The tea gets good ratings for smell, taste and effectiveness.


    • Soothing Caramel Bedtime
    • For good rest and sleep


    • Includes some organic herbs

    Hey Girl Sleep Tea

    The valerian root in this formula is not as pronounced as in some other teas but still provides a great sleep aid. Passionflowers, chamomile flowers, lemon balm, orange peel, catnip and stevia help ensure a pleasant taste.


    • Effective natural sleep aids formula
    • Revitalizing drink for calming and relaxing to make sleeping easy
    • Absolute best herbal tea


    • Expensive

    The funky taste of valerian root comes through quite heavily in this formula. Other ingredients include passionflower, lemon balm and peppermint leaf. The valerian is stronger than in Sleepytime Extra, and a number of reviewers disliked the smell of the tea.


    • Promotes a Good Night’s Sleep
    • Case of one box(es), each box containing 16 sealed tea bags


    • No good smell

    How We Determined The Best Tea for Sleep

    Insomnia in its many forms has taken a toll on the population's health, and we take the responsibility of evaluating bedtime remedies seriously.

    In addition to the health consequences, choosing the right tea presents a subjective experience. Not all persons enjoy the same tastes or react the same way to different herbal combinations.

    We completed extensive research on the herbs, the teas and the consensus of actual tea drinkers as reported in their reviews. We considered the following factors as we came up with our list.

    • The manufacturer and its reputation
    • The herbs used in the formula
    • Consensus of taste and flavor
    • check
      Consensus of effectiveness as a sleep aid
    • check
      Convenience (tea bags or loose leaf)
    • check
      Special considerations, such as the use of organically grown herbs

    Ingredients and Components of Teas

    Tea costs often vary by brand, country of origin or availability of the ingredients. Some components are rare, imported or difficult to cultivate. Organic herbal teas generally cost more than teas that contain at least some non-organic ingredients.

    Thoughts to Keep in Mind

    Your sleep deserves serious attention. Books and movies often portray characters that get up and brew a cup of tea or heat some milk because they can't sleep. But the problem may involve more than that. Before we sort through all the tea options out there, take note of the following points.

    Sleep problems and disorders may indicate a medical problem.

    If you suffer from more than an occasional issue with falling or staying asleep, make sure to see your doctor. Your physician can ask important questions. Investigate other symptoms and even order a sleep evaluation if it's needed.

    Not everyone may react the same way to different herbs and teas.

    Cat owners know that one feline may go crazy over a sprinkling of catnip. While another hardly shows any reaction at all. In the same way, some tea drinkers may scarcely be able to keep their eyes open after consuming a certain tea. While the next person will still be ready to go for hours. While a consensus usually emerges, finding the best tea for sleep is highly subjective.

    The good news is you can probably afford to try it yourself.

    We give you some great choices that meet demanding criteria. But your taste and physical reactions rule. We show you places to start, and you can run with it from there.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Whether you already love drinking tea or have never tried the beverage. You probably have some questions about how it can help you sleep.

    How does drinking tea help you sleep better?

    Drinking herbal teas before retiring may improve your sleep in several ways. For centuries, people have used a warm drink before bedtime to relax and get to sleep faster. Popular drinks include milk, hot chocolate, and herbal teas. Many folks find a warm drink comforting, calming and helpful in settling down after a busy or stressful day.

    Also, some herbs used in tea preparations may relax the nervous system and ease anxiety. Other herbs may cause drowsiness, at least in certain people, and makes it hard to keep the eyes open. Many favorite sleep teas combine different herbs, flower petals, and other plants. That typically affect people in a calming way to help them settle into a soothing mood conducive to sleep.

    Which herbs are best for inducing sleep?

    Individuals have used a number of herbs through the ages to calm their nerves and help them sleep better. Here are several popular remedies that have survived the test of time and may show up in the best tea for sleep.


    One of the first teas cited when talking about sleep aids, chamomile goes back many centuries and often shows up in literature. Many users find chamomile tea reduces stress and puts them in a relaxed state so they can drift off to sleep.


    In some cases, valerian acts as a gentle sedative that soothes anxiety and calms nervousness. Some tea formulas include valerian in combination with other herbs.

    Lemon Balm

    Dating back to the Middle Ages, folks often use a lemon balm to calm restlessness and ease tension so they can fall asleep faster.


    The same hops used in brewing helps to ease tension and promote deep sleep in some people.


    Many tea drinkers believe the addition of passionflowers may help reduce anxious feelings. And even relieve muscle spasms that can interfere with sleep.


    Often used in aromatherapy, some sleep tea recipes include this herb, especially for relaxation qualities.

    Are Herbal Teas Safe To Use?

    It's always a good idea to check out the safety of anything you eat or drink, and herbal teas are no exception. Keep in mind that you will find many of these same herbs in supplements. And although teas typically make the effects weaker, you should still use caution. The good news, people have generally used herbal teas as sleep aids for centuries, and problems are usually rare.

    Check With Your Physician

    If you take prescription or over-the-counter medications. Be sure to check with your physician or pharmacist about drug interactions with any herbs you use. Even in the weaker tea form, the herbs may interfere with the effectiveness of your prescription. Use extra caution during pregnancy or if you take blood-thinning medication.

    The other possible concern would be allergic reactions. Since most sleep teas contain a mixture of herbs. Including some little-known ones in small quantities, you could experience a reaction to something you've never ingested before. Be alert to any unusual symptoms after drinking a new tea. Such as itching, rash or trouble swallowing, and discontinue using the tea immediately. If severe symptoms persist, get help at once.

    The Verdict of The Best Tea for Sleep

    We had to go with the German import of Bad Heilbrunner Schlaf und Nerven Tea as our top pick. The quality of the product and the excellent formula of proven sleep ingredients made the decision easy. 

    Our ratings give you some excellent teas to try. Since the ingredients may affect each person differently, tea drinkers may often find they prefer one of the choices farther down the list. Be careful in your selections if you take prescription medications, and check with your doctor if you are pregnant. Don't forget to keep tasting and trying until you find your very best tea for sleep.

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